Liberia & Guinea

We thank the Lord for being so good to us like He always is. We are also thankful to all sponsors and seed-sowers to the OFWBI Mission in Africa to be specific, Liberia and Guinea. We are grateful once again to the Almighty God who has endowed us with so many blessings uncountable. We are also thankful to all who have been a blessing to us through their prayers, and financial support. May the Lord continue to bless you all.

As we all know that May is a month for mothers the world over, our local churches celebrate their Mother’s Day in several different ways on different days of the month of May. Usually in our local churches, 2 to 3 women are selected based on their performance in church for the year under review. Some of these include regular attendance at church meetings and services, support of church programs, financial contribution, and other morals at home. Among the 3 selected, one is crowned as the Mother of the Year.
(The pictures were taken on Mother’s Day at the Habitation of Faith and the hearing of Faith respectively.)


News coming from our local OFWB Mission Church located in Greenville, Sinoe County, Southeastern Liberia is a bit touching, but we thank God for everything. The beginning of heavy rains in Liberia, especially that part of the country, has affected our efforts there. We have been trying to construct the church edifice little by little, and the rain came and met us there on the project. Since it was earth bricks, the rain soaked it and brought half of the building down, discouraging the effort of the members. They are now making appeals and calls for assistance to rebuild the church so as to not lose the entire building to the rain.


The Youth ministry at the Conakry church in Guinea hosted a Youth Camp on June 18, 2014 on a school cam-pus at the outskirts of the city of Conakry. This will bring together from our main church in Conakry and the sub-branches that have been established around Conakry. Topics at the camp include: How to withstand Parental or family rejection because of your Christian Faith, How to remain focused on Christ during persecution, How to live as a Christian minority in a Muslim dominant community. Pastor David and some of his colleagues conducted the camp. I believe this is vital for the future of those young members of our church there in Guinea.

OFWB Schools and New Building Project

Rev. B. Darlington Gnininte

Rev. B. Darlington Gnininte

By the end of June, most of the schools in Liberia will be summing up for the academic year 2013/2014
and so are our OFWB schools. We are thankful to everyone that is supporting the schools through the Caleb’s Dollar Ministry (CDM) of the OFWB International (Board of Foreign Missions). You are a blessing to so many kids all across Liberia, where our schools are located. At the Kingdom Kids Center, this year we encountered an increase in the enrollment. We do not have enough materials, chairs or sitting capacity for the students we enrolled. The annex we had attached to the church at the Habitation of Faith OFWB Church was built with mats from raffia, but before the second semester, all was being destroyed by termites and the sun. Students were sitting in these open classrooms while taking their lessons. There were distractions many times. It was because of this, and the urge to advance the capacity and standard of the school which is now the biggest of our schools. We initiated a project to construct a building that will contain the high number of students we have and are expecting for next academic year. So far, right now as we speak, this is the only TUITION-FREE SCHOOL in this community, and this is also a developing community that is growing so speedily. With the demand and appeal from our members and their community, we are raising the standard of the school from Middle School to Secondary level. This requires an increase in the schools capacity and facilities. We have started a foundation that will contain 12 classrooms, a Library, a computer lab and a cafeteria, as well as offices and bathrooms. This is a heavy task, but we trust the Lord to help us on this. We need your support on this project as it is not an easy task. Schools will resume in August. The heavy rain is here, and we are in the fight to raise this building before the beginning of next academic year. We need your help.