“ Career Guidance and Teacher’s Day ” Palawan, Philippines

The Month of October was one of the most unforgettable months for the students of the First Free Will Baptist Christian School as well as for the teachers and the parents. The school focused on the celebration of Career Guidance, in which the students showcased their future profession through stage modelling. The parents were very supportive in terms of preparing the desired clothing of their children, based on the career that they choose when time comes. It was the very first time that we managed this kind of activity for our students. At the end of the activity the teachers, together with the parents, raised their hands as we prayed for our students to become successful in the profession that they want to achieve in the near future. During this activity, we also celebrated Teacher’s Day, in which the students and parents expressed appreciation for the hard work and conviction of the teachers in teaching their children through gifts, flowers, and greeting cards. These activities were lead by the PTA officers and selected student leaders of the school.