Rosita, Mexico

The youth of the OFWB Churches in Mexico recently met in Nueva Rosita, in the Shalom Temple. It was attended by 64 young people, 25 adults, and 3 children for a total of 92 people. It began with a time of praise, followed by a time of challenges of Biblical knowledge and fun through the realization of characters, objects, musical instruments and facts, all related to the sacred Scriptures and current interest for young people. Continue with the participation of each church with special praises. A drama presented by the Prince of Peace church with the dramatized song “Begin Again” and 2 by Shalom Temple entitled “The Mirror” and “The Chair of Proof.” After sharing a meal Pastor José Luis Lopez Maldonado, shared on the topic “The Consequences of My Sin.” Efraín Agüero Juárez, graduate in public accounting and María Luisa Corpus Rodríguez, a nurse looked at Biblical and legal points of view, from the biblical and financial, biblical and medical point of view respectively. Explaining what Scripture says and what the earthly laws say, as well as what the Scripture says about the economic and how it can be applied in our lives. They also shared what the divine law says about purity in our life and how to apply it to be blessed. The special thing about this meeting is that the participants were so happy to be together again. Our prayer is for the youth department not to falter and always continue to praise and worship the Almighty God.