Tontunan, Clarin, Bohol, Philippines

It was in the month of March 2020, when the province of Bohol was under the Enhance Community Quarantine, because of Covid-19. Only one person was allowed to go out to provide for the family needs. Even religious gathering and activities were being cancelled. Our Sunday Worship Services were also cancelled, but we decided to continue to corporately pray for the nation’s crisis.

We had our house visit with our senior citizen member of the church. We sang for the Lord and prayed for physical and spiritual needs for the famly and for the nation. We also conducted a home Bible study and family devotional schedule for those neightboring church members. We had also our gift giving for children and some of the youth believers and unbelievers of Christ. We also taught them to be more prayerful to God and even more obedient to their parents and to the laws being implemented in our community.

On the second week of June 2020, we saw the news from the televisoin that all religious activities and gatherings were given the permission to resume, but must follow certian guidelines. We then prepared the place of worship, cleaned and made it ready for the Sunday Worship Service on June 14, 2020. At last we are back! Thank you Lord!

This month, July 2020, the Lord God Almighty continues to use to spread the love of Jesus, even show His miracles and awesome power to some unbelievers. We believe that because we never ceased to pray and trust His promises, miracles happen and new souls are being reconciled to God. These things encourage us to pray more, to trust more to the Lord Jesus Christ. This pandemic has helped us to turn our eyes on Jesus because His mercies are new every morning. There is hope, and there is light in the name of Jesus. Great is thy faithfulness.