Mandaue City, Cebu District Philippines

Through prayer and Biblical study the OFWBCII God is Our Refuge Christian Fellowship Church arrived at what it considers to be a cohesive and comprehensive understanding of the teaching on the relationship between water baptism and membership. These teachings are given official expression in the local church. Christians ought to come to know the church as that place of belonging where the faithful struggle together in mission, where relationship is stressed. Where each believer is called to that privileged place in Christ wherein he or she is able to serve God, God’s people, and God’s world with the gifts and talents endowed to us and discerned by the church.

The practice of believer’s baptism remains strong within the
Church, though the ordinance can be experienced in a range of
meaning depending on local congregational values and teaching.
For instance, to name but a few, believer’s baptism as described
by participants at the study conference is understood as:

• a public proclamation of the private journey of repentance
and cleansing through the acceptance of Christ as Lord and
• a declaration of one’s present personal relationship with
• a reaffirmation of parental intentions and confirmation as a
means of inclusion in and belonging to the people of God.
• a commissioning of gift-endowed, Spirit-infused ministry
and mission and/or an inclusion into the people of God.

We encourage the practice of believer’s baptism to emphasize the commitment of the baptized, as well as the entire congregation’s witness to the gospel by word and deed. By the help of our Lord, the baptism was successfully conducted on November 22, 2020 (Sunday), at Estaca Beach Resort, Compostela Cebu, with 7 precious souls being baptized. The baptismal ceremony was officiated by The Rev. Dante Cepeda and Pastor Arnel Pañares. To GOD be all the glory!