Covid-19 UPDATE

Philippines & Bulgaria

Our friend, Attorney Eric Tormis, recently shared the good news that his wife, Mariza, has been released from the hospital after two and one-half months in the ICU, due to Covid-19. She is at home, but still on oxygen. Thank you for praying for her and this dear family. Continue to pray that the Lord will give her a complete recovery. Pray also for those around the world who are battling this terrible disease.

Tezdjan Murtazova

April 27- Next door neighbor, Anni , 11 years old died of Covid. April 28 – The husband of her cousin died at age 55. April 29 – Her Aunt, who lived in Dobrich, died of Covid. May 24 – Cousin of her father died at age 60.

Please pray for Tezdjan and these families as they are dealing with their loss. I’m sure there are many more stories just like this.

Three weeks ago there was a family in Tulenovo, 50 km north of Balchik, the husband and wife both got Covid. The man was hospitalized and the woman ( Rumi) was treated at home. There was no one to help her buy medicine, water, and food. I bought her medicine, food and some drinks and Meli and I took it to her home. She was drained out, looking so weak. After some days she needed some antibiotics, and we visited her again. I kept my distance and prayed for her. Meanwhile her husband passed away and she is still recovering.