Praise and Worship Revival – Cebu, Philippines

The Praise and Worship Revival was proposed by Pastor Arnel Panares and approved by our energetic National Administrator, Ma’am Susan Basingil and Rev. Dario Basingil, to reach out to the worship leaders from each church here in Cebu District. The agenda was approved the week before the even with prayers and support from the pastors of each local church under the banner of OFWBCII. There was flooding due to heavy rain the day before and the actual day of the said event.

Due to pandemic OFWBC Headquarter, Villa Bulsita Bulacao main church of OFWBCII, here in Cebu followed the rules and regulations of the IATF, a branch of Philippine Government that indicates prohibition of crowded gatherings against Covid-19. That’s why each local church only brought their worship leader and musicians, along with their pastor. The event started at 9:00 in the morning and finished at 12 noon. The Holy Spirit moved upon our place. God filled us with an anointing that will help us to minister in our churches. God touched the hearts of His worshipers and instilled in their mind that they worship Him and not the people who are within this place. After the event was finished we shared our lunch together. The people of God left the meeting with a heart full of gladness and faithfulness to serve God despite what trials they may face in the future. They know that God will be with them forever. To God be the glory!!