Our History in Bangladesh:

The work in Bangladesh was opened in May 2005 under the direction of Mr. N. K. Das Gupta. He lives in Chandpur. He has opened four Free Will Tutorial Schools to serve the poor children who cannot attend public school. In addition to the schools, he has opened a Reading Room where people of all faiths can come and read Christian literature. Relief is given throughout the year in times of flooding and disaster. One of the main arms of the ministry is a correspondence program to help people learn the Truth of Jesus Christ. There is a computer training program. There is also a Sewing Project for poor women. All of these ministries are geared to reach people with the Gospel. Bangladesh is a Muslim country and it is against the law to openly preach the gospel.

Facts About Bangladesh:

  • LOCATION: Asia
  • MAIN CITIES: Chittagong, Khulna
  • POPULATION: 125,201,000
  • AREA: 144,000 km2
  • CURRENCY: 1 Bangladesh taka = 100 poisha
  • LANGUAGES: Bengali, English
  • RELIGIONS: Muslim, Hindu

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