Over 6 billion people in the world. Only 2 billion Christians of all kinds (578 million Protestant Christians included). 4 billion non-Christians. 237 countries & territories around the world.


"The clock of time is wound but once, And no man has the power To tell just when the hands will stop, At late or early hour. To lose one's wealth is sad indeed. To lose one's health is more. To lose one's soul is such a loss That no man can restore."

Forty-two people died while you read this poem. Every hour 10,800 go to meet their Maker. What are you doing to help reach them with the gospel ere they are cast into HELL?

This Is The Ministry Of Every Original Free Will Baptist Church And Individual Through Prayer And Financial Support

Pray For Revival And World Missions!
We need your support!

OFWB International Blog

Praise and Worship Revival – Cebu, Philippines

The Praise and Worship Revival was proposed by Pastor Arnel Panares and approved by our energetic National Administrator, Ma’am Susan Basingil and Rev. Dario Basingil, to reach out to the worship leaders from each church here in Cebu District. The agenda was approved the week before the even with prayers and support from the pastors […]

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God’s Faithfulness Beloved Brothers and Sisters, I greet you in the Name of Our Only Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I want to inform you that the Original Free Will Baptist Church in Mexico is moving forward. We are grateful to God because He gives us the grace to continue being part of His Church. […]

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Palawan, Philippines

Youth-Juniors Fellowship, Abo-Abo First Free Will Baptist Church Once again, the gracious of God poured out His blessings up His children in Abo-Abo FFWBC. We praise Him for a successful done the Youth-Juniors Fellowship with the theme, “God is the Greatest Love of All” The meeting started with prayer by Sis Annabelle M. Punla followed […]

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CALEB’S DOLLAR MINISTRY As your church resumes Vacation Bible School this year, please remember Caleb’s Dollar Ministry. The VBS offerings help sustain this vital ministry to provide food and educational opportunities to the dear children in Liberia and Guinea, West Africa. We urge each VBS to continue to send your offerings to “CALEB’S DOLLAR MINISTRY.” […]

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Quezon, Philippines

Baptismal Service We recently held a Ten Lesson Bible Discovery class for 9 young people who had recently accepted Christ as their Savior. The class was conducted by Pastor Emmanuel Abanto. After the class was completed, Pastor Danny Abanto interviewed each one and then they whole congregation voted in favor for all of them to […]

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Fellowship with unbelievers, sharing the love of Jesus During the past weeks, while sharing the Word and love of Christ in the village of Kamenar, Bulgaria, we met a young lady named Mira that wanted us to go to her native village which is located near the town of Dobrich, to the village of Tsarevo, […]

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Covid-19 UPDATE

Philippines & Bulgaria Our friend, Attorney Eric Tormis, recently shared the good news that his wife, Mariza, has been released from the hospital after two and one-half months in the ICU, due to Covid-19. She is at home, but still on oxygen. Thank you for praying for her and this dear family. Continue to pray […]

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Philippines & India – Prayers needed

Attorney Eric Tormis – Cebu, Philippines “Let me begin by telling you that a tragedy happened to my family. Last February 18, 2021, a family member tested positive for COVID 19. We immediately isolated and had our tests as well. We later found out that all of my famly members were COVID positive. My wife, […]

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Balchik, Bulgaria

Jesus, Our source of hope Christmas is the perfect time to invite someone to church. People are curious and we should never underestimate the amount of desire a little curiosity can spark. The Gospel says that when the shepherds heard about Jesus’ birth they said to one another, “Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this […]

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Annual Telethon March 28, 2021

Dear Friends, This year we are not sending inserts for each Sunday in the month of March for our Annual Foreign Missions telethon. We, however, have produced four videos from some of our fields. There is one for each Sunday, the YouTube channel is ofwb international – YouTube. Click on the link and it will […]

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