How to Help

Ways You Can Help and be Involved in this Ministry

  • Donate Online via PayPal
  • Regular monthly support: These are budgeted items. This provides funds for the Foreign Missions office, to support pastors, teachers, Children’s Homes, leprosy homes, feeding programs, relief, literature, and many more areas of ministry.
  • “Build One for Them”: This program enables us to provide buildings for congregations around the world that cannot afford to build a building without assistance.
  • Special Projects: These are above budget needs, such as motorbikes, bicycles, medical aid, etc.

Special Opportunities to Give during March and December

(Designated as “Foreign Missions Months” in the Church Calendar)

  • March is the annual telethon month. This is our major fund raiser for the year.
  • December — The Heart of Missions Christmas Offering. The heart of missions is God giving His only Son to be our Savior – A gift He gave to the whole world. An offering to make Him known to the nations is your gift back to God.
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