The Youth Development Session

By: Kristine Mae D. Ustares
Field Worker in The Philippines

        The works of God truly must make a change and that change started within the Youth. Once again, it is an honor for the works of ministry of beloved Pastor Freedom G. Amenin. He was a speaker for the program of the Youth Development Session with the theme: Spiritual Strengthening for the Mental Health of the Youth today. This event was attended by almost 100 youth from different sitios/puroks of the barangay Aboaboin March 16, 2024.

They started with prayer and an icebreaker game using the different sounds of animals, go with their respective group, and form eight groups. Then, followed by the exploring part, they also answered the puzzle which connected to life (which was very hard and full of unexpected things). To attract their interests he allowed the group to share the problems they have encountered in their life, school, and even their family.

Now, after this we go to the topic: The Body, Soul, and Spirit and their function in our lives and for them to reflect on living purposely for God’s alone. At last, to make a point if they truly familiarize with the works of these three, we have given different situations and they have to choose where is belongs in Body, Soul, or Spirit. Then, we had the closing prayer and praying for the life of these youth who heard the word of God and may this work imprint in their heart and become their way of living. Above all, the glory, honor, and praise for God Almighty who is the One, made it possible, and we are just instrument to lifted up His Name through our obedience to do the ministry in every way possible.