The Visitation of our Beloved Missionaries in the Philippines at Abo-abo First Free Will Baptist Church

By:  Kristine Mae D. Ustares
Field Worker in The Philippines

There is no greater joy than to meet our fellow workers of God for worship and celebration. This is one the great things that the Lord allowed us to have, once again, our beloved missionaries from America visiting each local church in the Philippines. The Abo-abo First Free Will Baptist, Ipilan First Free Will, and as well as the Quezon First Free Will Baptist united to make it possible to have this special day together with our missionaries.

The event started with the heartwarming welcome of the youth of the church, giving of garlands for our distinguished guest and a bright smile from the congregation. Then, we have the formal welcome through the presence of Sis. Maureen C. Gumbisan to have our guest Pastors, visitors and brethren. First, the welcome remarks of Pastors Fvisitors and Amenin to thank everyone for their attendance. Then it was time for a motivational  message of Pastor Harold Jones that keeps on igniting our spirit for the work of the ministry that we should never giving up. Next, the message of Ma’am Sandra Jones to keep encouraging everyone to do the work of ministry. We also heard the message from Rev. Mark Taladro that shows the appreciation and gladness to witness the work of ministry in this (local) church. Also, together with the Pastors, we have the support of their wives, we have Ma’am Merly Taladro who also overwhelmed with everyone’s love and appreciation.Rev. King Darius Basingil reminded us that God made it possible for them to be there and that they are really blessed for what God is doing in everyone’s life. Then we had another message from Ma’am Susan Basingil which offered another kind of encouragement for the work of God in these three churches. They gladly enjoy altogether the blessings of food and good times well spent for His glory.

        Above all, this is because of His goodness to have this very special day and to keeping on igniting spirit for the Glory of God’s alone.