The Women’s   fellowship and celebration at Abo-abo First Free Will Baptist church

By: Kristine Mae D. Ustares
Field Worker in The Philippines

 The roles of the woman/mother are in our life and for the ministry  is inseparable and no one could ever replace how great things there doing for their family and for the work of the ministry. The Abo-abo Women’s celebrates the life that God bestowed upon them and how amazing they are for the work of Him in this church.

March is the month for honoring our Women’s and for making it more significant this March 24,2024 they have this special day. We have the presence of Sis. Janet D. Sano as the presider of this event, for our opening prayer we have Sis. Ofelia A. Denzon and the testimony we have Sis. Berna Castillo. Then, to give a special song we have the Sis. Josephine Napuar. The said event is very special because they have the tasked to watch the movie entitled: War Room, after watching the movie Sis. Dylene M. Amenin prepared questions which let everyone to reflect on the specific situation which they feel related from the movie they have watched. They been also challenged how they will able to apply it like what took place in the movie to the life of Elizabeth which the main character in the movie and enabling her made a different to her life by fighting in prayers all the difficulties she is facing in her work, in her family and her marriage. Everyone being touched by the message of the movie and felt motivated. After this, they proceeded to the parlor games such as: “Going in the Market” and others. Another special part of it is the awarding of gifts like candies which were specially crafted as garlands and the raffle draw that won by Sis. Grace M. Vega. At last, it was a victorious event for His glory and closed with the prayer of Sis. Maureen C. Gumbisan.

This all because of Him and His Name must lift higher for He is working amazing for this ministry. To God be all the glory. Let our life yields sunshine before Him.