Agriculture Projects UPDATE

The Agriculture project is doing great in serving the members and people across Nimba County, especially with the power tiller. Reports coming from the farm are that we currently have only one active power tiller working right now. The demand and constant use of the power tiller has damaged the ones we had working there previously.
In Duo-Tiayee, the Cassava project has gained momentum, as Cassava is ready to be harvested. What is needed now is the purchase of the processing machine to help farmers. The advantage of the machine is that it is actually a food preservation tool. With this machine, we can have garri as the finish product which can be put in bags just like we do the rice. Next to rice in the West Africa belt is garri, (which is processed cassava into grains as rice) as the staple food. It can be eaten as rice, fufu, etc. (See next page for photos.)

• Cutlasses
• Files
• Rain booths
• Rain coat
• Hand gloves
• Shovel
• Wheel barrow
• Personal kitchen on farm (cassava project)
• Cassava processing machine—$3500 Urgent Need for the Cassava Project

Our 10 Acres Cassava project is ready for harvest. We visited the cassava farm and also our visitation extended to a farm behind Duotayiee established by the UNDP or the USAID which is about 50 acres of land covered with well grown cassava. These farms are over grown with no support or help from any individual or institutions. Note: that is not just the only farm but there are about four of such farms apart from individual cassava farmers. The local leaders met with us to appeal for assistance. As we speak currently, we are the only church in the entire District which has more than 30,000 population. We were able to plant churches in five towns within the district.
Meanwhile if we have any opportunity of purchasing the cassava processing machine now, we will be sure of providing to these farmers the needed assistance for them to realized harvest of their cassava project which seems to be depleting.