Palawan, Philippines

Abo-Abo First Free Will Baptist Church

To God be the glory for the success of “Arts Day” and Pastor Apprecia-
tion held at Abo-Abo First Free Will Baptist Church on October 30, 2021

from 2:30—5:00 p.m. There were 10 youth juniors and 7 youth in at-
tendance. It was started by opening prayer by Rev. Freedom G. Amenin and praise and worship led by Sis. Anna Reze S. Castillo. The highlight of this event was the message given by Sister Annabelle M. Punla. She challenged the youth in the sharing of the Word of God, by asking “Why do we need a Pastor/Pastors in our church and she provided the following three reasons: (1) Because our Pastor teaches us to the Word of God, (2) Our Pastor encourages us in our walk in with Christ, and (3) Our Pastor equips us to do the work of ministry. After this challenging message, the youth started to create their own art as an expression of their appreciation for the life and ministry of Rev. Freedom G. Amenin. Some of them drew, wrote a letter, and designed cards. It shows that they were prepared for it for bringing different arts materials and the passion they have while doing it. It serves as a reminder to all of us how we should appreciation the life of our Pastor/Pastors. To God be all the glory and praise for giving us this wonderful day, good weather, and a steady flow of electricity. We can see that God is truly with us in the success of this event. Let us remember to pray for our pastors as they continue to lead us in our walk with the Lord.