Original Free Will Baptist Church of Liberia

We give God the glory for all He has done, is doing and will do for us all.

We were glad to receive Rev. Jones and Dr. Baggett at the airport. The airport is about 45 minutes drive from Monrovia, while on our way about 8:30, we had a flat tire in the middle of the road and total darkness.

Upon our arrival in Monrovia at 10:30 PM, following a flat tire delay, we embarked on a journey the next day to Northeast Liberia. Our first stop was at the Prince of Peace OFWB Church, where we were greeted with a warm welcome and witnessed a remarkable showcase of women showcasing their newly acquired life skills in soap making, unveiling their first production of soaps and liquid soaps. Then We broke ground for the construction of an Orphanage to help cater to orphans in the town and it’s surrounding villages. The day continued with a baptism ceremony led by Dr. Baggett, marking a joyous and glorious moment.

The road to Prince of Peace was rugged and mountainous, but by God’s grace, we safely navigated the challenging terrain before nightfall. We spent the night in Ganta, a city with electricity, comfortable hotels, and delicious meals.

The following day, we visited the New Covenant OFWB Church in Gbedin, where we attended a service and toured a new building under construction, being built by the dedicated members themselves. They sought assistance in completing the construction, specifically in acquiring cement, ceiling materials, and iron doors. Another baptism ceremony, this time performed by Rev. Jones, was a profound spiritual experience.

Later that day, we travelled to Gbarnga, where we attended an inspiring night service at the Anchor of Faith OFWB Church. Dr. Baggett delivered a powerful and uplifting message, creating a memorable and awe-inspiring evening.

We enjoyed the service enriched with special songs in both the local dialect and English. A memorable highlight was the heartfelt recitation of the 66 books of the Bible and selected verses by the pastor’s 6-year-old daughter.

The following day, we journeyed back towards Monrovia, stopping in Kakata to visit the Sanctuary of Anointed Praise (SOAP) OFWB Church and the Rev. Jones Africa Hope Academy, where we shared meaningful moments with both members and students. Our visit also included a stop at the Booker T. Washington Institute, where we were given a tour that illuminated the school’s history and connection to Samuel B. Coles- The Preacher With the Plow, whom Rev. Jones considers his inspiration and Hero. We had special photo moments.

Back in Monrovia, after resting briefly, we gathered for a night service at a building under construction of the Hearing of Faith OFWB Church. The members themselves have been building this for years. They also need assistance in completing the building. The service there was impactful, with Rev. Jones delivering a powerful message that led many to rededicate their lives to Christ. I was informed that right after that night prayer, one of those who came for prayer was pregnant and when she went home, she immediately went into labor, and safely delivered a boy, who was name White Boy. What a funny name.

The day following our return to Monrovia, which was a Saturday, we attended a seminar at Habitation of Faith where Dr. Baggett delivered a powerful teaching on “Leadership – Effective Christian Leadership for Today’s Church.” The seminar was eye-opening for many and we were truly blessed by his insights. Following the seminar, we participated in a graduation ceremony for the African Christian Theological Seminary (ACTS), a training ministry of the original Free Will Baptist Church of Liberia which was established in 2008. A total of 30 students graduated with Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, and Associates in Biblical Studies. Reverend Jones delivered an inspiring speech as the guest speaker, while Dr. Baggett handed out the Diplomas to the graduates. In a special moment, the school’s faculty conferred Reverend Jones with an honorary doctorate degree in Christian Missions, recognizing his dedicated service and experience in missions for over five decades. The ceremony was truly colorful and memorable.

On Sunday, we experienced a truly remarkable service at the Second Chance Center OFWB Church in Virginia, Liberia. The music was uplifting, and Dr. Baggett delivered an inspiring message. Following the service, we headed to a nearby river for a baptism ceremony. To expedite the process due to the large number of candidates, both Rev. Jones and Dr. Baggett performed the baptisms.

The following day, Monday, was dedicated to visiting schools in the area. Our first stop was at the Sandra Jones Africa Hope Academy in Louisiana, where we were warmly welcomed. We then proceeded to visit the King’s College, where we had another insightful and enjoyable time. Our final school visit was at the Brilliant Christian Institute. Mrs. Gnininte distributed special bracelets to every student at each school, which were a thoughtful gift from Mrs. Sandra Jones. The students were thrilled to receive these special tokens.

Then later we stopped at the new construction site of the Household of Faith OFWB church. They have started the foundation and raised the building to window levels. They are appealing for assistance to complete the building.

Later that night, we gathered for a special anointing service at the Habitation of Faith OFWB Church in Paynesville. The service was filled with spiritual blessings and a sense of unity among all in attendance.