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Devastating Flood Hits Piedras Negras, Mexico


On June 15, there was a devastating flood in Piedras Negras, Mexico where we have 6 churches. Ten thousand homes were damaged and forty-thousand people were left homeless. There are families in our congregations that lost practically everything they had in the flood. We have sent $2,000 in emergency relief to help, but more is […]

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50 Years of Foreign Missions

50 Years of OFWBI

This is the 50th Year of Foreign Missions. Over these years the number of fields has grown from a single field in 1962 (Mexico) to 9 fields today. The Philippines was opened in 1969, India 1975, Nepal and Bulgaria 1991, Bangladesh 2005, Liberia and Guinea 2008, and Haiti 2011. We have developed over 200 churches […]

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Unto One of the Least of These

Wintertime is approaching in Bulgaria. Some years it begins to snow in the latter part of September. Last year the Vacation Bible School offerings were used to help feed the Gypsy people during the cold winter months. Stocks of beans were purchased in September and used throughout the winter. The beans were cooked with rice […]

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