International Mission church of Liberia

We give God all the praise for all He has done, and is doing for the mission in Africa. We also want to extend our thanks and appreciation to our brethren who are praying for and supporting us. May your hands never run dry. The testimonies below wouldn’t have been possible without your prayers and support. Schools come to a dose for academic 2016/2017 with graduation exercises. We are grateful for the continuous regular support through Caleb’s Dollar Ministry for a successful school year.

Churches receive mosquito nets

It was a great joy for our church members in Guinea and Liberia as they receive gifts of mosquito nets, especially during chis rainy season where malaria has increased due to massive breeding of mosquitoes. During this time of the year children who are the most victim never cease from being infected with malaria due to mosquito bites. Even if one can afford to buy an insecticide or spray gun, the power will not last throughout the night. The best solution for prevention of malaria is the net. And we are so grateful for chis gift.