Fellowship with unbelievers, sharing the love of Jesus

During the past weeks, while sharing the Word and love of Christ in the village of Kamenar, Bulgaria, we met a young lady named Mira that wanted us to go to her native village which is located near the town of Dobrich, to the village of Tsarevo, where the few people that are there are mostly Muslims. When we entered the houses of each family, we were surprised that people can still live in such a condition where some walls were made of mud and the ceiling reached our head. We gathered about 15 children in the home of Mira’s parents. We gave them children’s Bible books, we sang songs, told them about Jesus, and the story of David and Goliath. We also gave them some sweets, which they enjoyed very much. Then we prayed for each child and for the parents of Mira who were there. We left them with a huge smile on their faces and ours as well. We are grateful that God expands our love for Him to others and for the opportunities he gives us each day to speak about Him!