Palawan, Philippines

Youth-Juniors Fellowship, Abo-Abo First Free Will Baptist Church

Once again, the gracious of God poured out His blessings up His children in Abo-Abo FFWBC. We praise Him for a successful done the Youth-Juniors Fellowship with the theme, “God is the Greatest Love of All” The meeting started with prayer by Sis Annabelle M. Punla followed by the praise and worship songs led by Sis. Lei Ann C. Gumbisan. Everyone participated in a time of liturgical dance and songs for the Lord. The special part of this event was the preaching of the Word of God by Pastor Freedom G. Amenin. Everyone was inspired to know what is the real meaning of love that stands for the loyalty and faithfulness for one another, for their families, friends and for the ministry here in Abo-Abo. They were challenged to obey and follow the teaching of God’s Word, and apply them to their daily life. Love always emphasizes that all of us are valuable. Love endures. We must have endurance and serve God until the end. Love is unselfish. Jesus died for us to save us from our sins and we have done nothing good to deserve it. We must share this love with others. The Youth prepared Bible games such as Bible quiz, Bible drill, and Bible blocking. these activities serve as a foundation for the children to deeply understand the Bible. We had a special recognition of the Youth-Juniors efforts, talents, and skills that they had shown for the entire month of February. sis. Jan Margaret D. Sano presented awards and tokens to the 15 Youth-Juniors and the 10 Youth who were in attendance. They were delighted to receive these awards. Then everyone enjoys the soup and “puto” ( steamed rice cake) prepared by Sis. Dylene D.. Amenin and Sis. Janet D. Sano. Everyone left rejoicing in the blessings of the day. we give all the glory and praises to God.