COVID-19 Update : Philippines

By Pastor Alvin Dagot

For almost two months we have experienced suffering in our church gathering here in Brooke’s Point, Palawan, Philippines. Under the Municipal Ordinance, the church gathering is limited to a Sunday service at only 30% capacity. Some of our members are connecting to the pulpit message through their cell phone. We are only using conference calls because of the very low internet connection. (Sometimes we share pictures with each other.) We cannot do the video conference for members. Prayer meeting is not allowed in the church, so we have prayer meeting in our own homes at eh same time each week. It is so hard for us, but we need to follow and obey for our safety. Through these guidelines we are following the safety protocols. Until now we are staying in our homes because of the large number of Covid cases in our area are consistent. Their were some deaths near our place, and the cemetery is nearby. That’s why the FFWBC here in Brooke’s Point is begging everyone to help us in prayer. We are so very thankful to our God almighty for making us safe everyday. God bless us all.