Cebu District, Philippines


CEBU DISTRICT, PHILIPPINES By Pastor Arnel Panares, Coordinator

The Cebu Districe OFWBC Gospel Riders focusing on ministry to bikers for the purpose of sharing the Gospel and making disciples. Our desire is to see churches working together to reach riders as they coordinate local and province-wide ministries in order to expand the workforce and influence our churches to work together to advance Christ’s Kingdom.

Reasons why Cebu District OFWBC Gospel Riders should do evangelism: (1) It is God’s means of saving lost people. That is why He has commanded us to do it (Matthew 28:1820). The church has the message and when shared it will bring life to those who accept it in a world doomed to death. Through the preaching of the Gospel, God is giving people their best opportunity that they have to accept salvation. (2) Evangelism is God’s means for growing His church. The book of Acts demonstrates how the church grew when the Gospel was preached. If we want the church to grow we must do evangelism. (3) Evangelism is God’s means for unifying His church. Some in the church say, “Our church is not united, ‘we can’t do evangelism. We need nurture first.” But when the church looks beyond itself it moves forward.

‘On our first ride we traveled to Cebu South destinations. We set schedules for appointments only during holidays, just for the availability of all riders. On April 1, 2021 (Holy Thursday/holiday), we had an opportunity to evangelize, giving Gospel tracts, Bibles, and facemasks to public markets and along road and streets. We traveled also to some cities, municipalities, and baranggays. Along the roads we encountered some hardships especially during bad weather. But in spite of it, we just pursued and finished it for the glory of God! Despite the dangers and hardships, sometimes we may feel rejected from other people that we’ve been ministering to, but it can’t stopped us on our mission goal. We always teach ourselves that every soul is precious and valued by God. That’s why during the time when people received the Bibles and Gospel tracts, we felt satisfied and glad for the great accomplishments we had by God’s grace. Credits will be upon the Lord, to Him be all the glory and honor!