Varna, Bulgaria – COVID 19 UPDATE

For 3 weeks we have been in quarantine. Only the pharmacies and the food stores are open. All borders are closed. Traveling between cities is limited as well. It is forbidden to go out in the playgrounds and parks, that includes crowded places as well. You can only go to the store. In the gypsies neighborhoods, it is the worst. Low level of hygiene and not following the advice and the laws given by the authorities. In their neighborhood ( the gypsies ), there is a large military presence, and they are not allowing them to go out of the area to go to stores or pharmacies. Nikolay, Krasen and Tinka are health Mediators and they work in those neighborhoods. We are using them to help the people in gypsies neighborhoods, by providing them with vitamins, food and some hygiene materials. Please pray for us during this difficult situation. God bless us all and keep us safe. Pastor Kosta Ivanov